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Why are you here?

Hello, decision-maker! My name is Roman Malov. Luckily you reached this page. It’s time to transform your marketing mix. I’m not offering you to make something I am good at. I’m offering you something your business needs in 2022.

Why do you spend money on building your web presence and ads? Right, you want to create flawless customer journeys that help your customers successfully fulfill their needs.

So, are you getting overwhelmed by all the aspects you need to take care of? The marketing funnel, automation, A/B testing, product management, value proposition, and so on.

I’m going to help you make those complex things simple and easy to implement into your business.

Sounds good? But what will your business get?


More Customers


Higher Frequency


Bigger Transaction

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Roman Malov - Digital Marketing Specialist

Roman Malov

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